The Arlington Civitan Open Air Market
Sponsored by the Arlington Chapter of Civitan Internatianal
Arlington, Virginia

About Us

"My hands do the work of the world and reach out in service to others"

The Civitan Club was established in 1917 in Birmingham, Alabama by a group of business leaders as a way to positively impact their community.

Word quickly spread and soon numerous Civitan Clubs had been established across the nation. By 1920 Civitans Clubs had sprung up throughout the United States in such numbers that the decision was
made to go international with the concept.

In the succeeding years clubs have been established in Norway, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Russsia, India, Ukraine, Jordon, Romania, Nepal, Estonia, Slovakia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Ghana and Pakistan.

Each Civitan Club has been encouraged to to seek out and fulfill community needs.

Projects have ranged from building playgrounds for  young people with disabilities, to enviromental cleanup,
to providing scholarships and resources for schools.

Clubs have fed the homeless, walked for cures and cared for elderly.  There is no limit to the number and variety of projects Civitan undertake.


In 1986 the Arlington Civitan in cooperation with the Arlington County Government joined forces to provide the Arlington community with a public venue to recycle used goods.

The Arlington Flea Market was born and in the ensuing years has become the "mother" of all flea markets in the local community.

Here, people who would ordinarily hold a garage sale in front of their house can sell not to just dozens of people, but hundreds.

Professional vendors who specialize in collectibles can establish a steady clientele who return month after month in search of treasures.

Benefiting from this assemblage of part-time and professional vendors are the people
of  Arlington and the surrounding communities who can count on finding Flea Market treasures and saving money at the same time.

But by far the people who benefit the most from the Arlington Flea Market are the people the Arlington Civitan supports.

Every dollar made at the Arlington Flea Market from sale of the rental spaces to vendors and the monies made from the sale of refreshments go to support the causes espoused by the Arlington Civitan

We thank everyone who has supported the Arlington Flea Market in the past and those who will be supporting us in the future by their attendance and participation. Each person in their own way is helping us to live the hope of Civitan for a better world.


Since their inception in 1960 to improve their community through service to others the Arlington Civitan Club has been able to achieve their goals in three ways:


The Arlington Civitan Club provisdes financial assistance to several local charities, many of which focus on supporting individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. 

Civitan members worldwide help support the Civitan International Research Center, a facility for research and treatment of developmental disabilities and injuries and diseases of the brain.


The Arlington Civitan Club learns about their community from speakers who represent various social and philanthropic organizations such as:

  • Community Residences
  • Arlingtonians for Affordable Housing
  • Phillips Programs
  • The Hospice of Northern Virginia

Members are also "hands-on" in helping to coordinate such activities as:

  • Annual Burke Lake Picinic for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Processing applications for Civitan College scholarships

"I am Civitan: as old as life, as young as the rainbow and as endless as time"