The Arlington Civitan Open Air Market
Sponsored by the Arlington Chapter of Civitan Internatianal
Arlington, Virginia


 The Arlington Civitan Open Air Market
First Saturday of Every Month
I-66 Parking Garage
April through November
7:00 AM - 1:00 PM

If you are shopping, please park on Level A of the parking garage (the open-air lot directly off of Stafford Street) or in the large lot across Quincy Street from the garage; Please do not park in spaces at Washington-Liberty High School designated for pool users or in spaces reserved for other activities.

Make sure that you have cleaned out your car or van in preparation for your purchases. Check to see that the trunk and back seats are free. Store an extra blanket to wrap up things that might get damaged, and bring along some stout cord or string, along with used shopping bags and a tape measure.

Shopping early in the morning can score you the best selection, but unless you are a savvy negotiator you might want to wait until later in the day when vendors are anxious to unload and offer discounted prices.

Did you know you can run a price check with your cell phone? Simply text the name of the item and the word  "price" to GOOGLE (466453) and you'll receive a list of current listings on the Web for that item.  This is a free service, but sometimes it can take a couple of minutes to come up in addition to having to type everything on your small telephone, but it can really settle a price question.

This is really indispensible for serious Flea Market devotees. Saves aching arms and backs for carrying heavy things or too many things. This is one item you should never forget to bring.

To see the Flea Market in action please click on the following links to Youtube to see the Flea Market in action! 


There is something for everyone at the Arlington Civitan Flea Market. If  you love browsing  for  fabulous finds and fantastic treasures, then come on down and strike it lucky. 

The Civitan Flea Market, one of Northern Virginia’s largest and oldest public Flea Markets, is located in the I-66 garage in North Arlington adjacent to Washington-Lee high school and the Arlington Planetarium  at 15th and North Quincy Streets, in Arlington
, Virginia. 

The Flea Market takes place each first Saturday of the month from April through November from 7 AM to 1:30 PM.

Here you’ll find over one hundred and fifty vendors selling a variety of goods ranging from books, clothes, furniture, garden tools, household goods, jewelry, shoes, toys, records and so much more.  One man’s junk is another man’s treasure so you are guaranteed to find something to tickle your fancy and save you money at the same time.  

Spread out over 5 levels of a 20,000 square foot parking garage the Flea Market was originally conceived as a way for local people to sell goods in a central location.

Today we not only have local vendors, we have people who come from neighboring states such as Maryland, the District of Columbia and as far away as Pennsylvania and Deleware to sell crafts and antiques.

There is plenty of free parking located
on level A of the parking garage, and additional parking on the streets surrounding the garage. However, please do NOT park on the bridges on Quincy or Stafford Street that cross Interstate 66. Also, please do not park in the office park across Quincy Street from the garage.

Make each Saturday of the month from April to November your "Bargains Galore Day" with a little help from your friends at the Arlington Civitan Flea Market. We'll see you there!





Whether you are an occasional flea market/yard sale vendor or a seasoned pro, the Arlington Civitan Flea Market offers a unmatched venue in which to sell your goods- a five story parking garage.


Setup begins on the Friday night before the sale. The start of set Set-up time 
varies from month to month, depending on the schedule of activities at Washington-Lee High School. For the sale on November 2nd, 2019, setup will begin on Friday, November 1st at 7:30 PM. Once set-up begins, vendors may claim spaces in levels B, D, E, and F of the garage; level A is reserved for students taking SATs this weekend only. Vehicle traffic for vendors will be allowed in the garage from the start of set-up time on Friday night through 6:30 AM on the day of the sale. If you're not going to leave your vehicle in a garage space, please do not park on level A of the parking garage or in spaces at Washington Lee High School that are reserved for other activities. Additional parking is available in the large lot across Quincy Street from the garage. 


We charge only $20 for one 9' by 18' parking space. This is a competitive and often cheaper price than many other flea markets in the immediate area. We reserve the right to charge extra for larger spaces.  As always, we strive to offer our vendors a reasonable price and we haven't raised our rates in several years.


We have over 1200 people who visit the Flea Market each Saturday of the month.  Customer traffic is never a problem, since we are open rain or shine. Part of the Flea Market is in an enclosed area on four of the five levels of the garage.


The Arlington Civitan Club is committed to providing a wide spectrum of advertising through print and electronic mediums to spread the word about the Flea Market. How does this help you, the vendor?  Through our outreach we reach thousands of people in the DC Metro area, all of whom are prospective visitors to the Flea Market. You win, because the more people that visit, the greater your chances of selling your goods.


Finally, one of the primary reasons for the Flea Market is to provide financial support of the Arlington community by service to others. All monies earned through the Arlington Civitan Club is earmarked for various charitable organizations, many of which serve our neighbors with developmental disabilities. Each time you rent a space from us you are helping us help others.

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