Frequently Asked Questions About the Arlington Flea Market

What are the hours and times of the Arlington Flea Market?

The Arlington Flea Market is normally held on the first Saturday of every month from April through November. The sale runs from 7:00 AM ro 1:00 PM.

Where is it held?

The flea market is held in the I-66 garage located at 15th and Stafford Street in North Arlington. The garage is located adjacent to the former site of the Arlington Education building and the Planetarium, next door to Washington-Liberty High School in Arlington.

I want to start selling stuff at the flea market! How soon can I start setting up?

The beginning of setup time varies from month to month, but always begins sometime during the night before the sale begins. Before the each sale, we make every effort to let our vendors know the time at which they can begin setup. Click the "VENDOR INFO" tab above where you will find the set up time for our next market. Vendors will not be allowed to begin setting up before the stated setup time. Please do not violate this rule since we wish to be on good terms with the county officials who need the space free for school activities. We realize that this represents a big change for many of our vendors who have been coming for many years and we apologize for the inconvenience. Vendor setup needs to be complete by 7:00 AM on the day of the sale. Vehicles are not allowed to be driven in the sales area between 7:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Do I need to bring my own tables?

Yes, we do not supply tables or chairs.

How much does it cost to sell at the flea market?

We charge $20 per parking space. Two spaces are $40. We charge the lowest rate for a flea market spot in the Arlington area. A representative from Arlington Civitan will come around during the flea market to collect. We normally accept cash only for payments.

How big are the spaces?

Spaces are roughly 9 by 18 feet.

What kind of stuff can I sell at the garage sale?

Our sale is primarily for vendors who are selling their own used items. If you have new items, make sure that you have at least 50% of used goods in the mix. Due to many requests about new goods, we will be reviewing this in the future, but for now, the rule still holds that you have a mixture of used and new items. Live plants, weapons, food, and counterfeit items are not allowed; vendors displaying such items will be asked to remove them from the display area.

What do I get for my money?

Typically, close to 1500 people visit the flea market each month. Your table will have great exposure.

Where do I put my car?

You can bring your car/truck/SUV, etc. and put in the parking spot if you wish and proceed to set up in the front or rear of the vehicle. Please note that spaces on parking level A (the uncovered level next to the school) are reserved for flea market shoppers and people visiting Washington-Liberty High School. Unfortunately, the lot across Quincy Street from the garage will no longer be available to customers or vendors.

What about trash?

Garbage cans are available on each floor of the garage, If you can't fit your trash into the trash cans, please bag your trash and place your trash bags by the exit from the E level (the uncovered deck closest to Quincy Street) onto 15th Street. If you have trash that you can't fit into a bag, please take it elsewhere. In any case, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN YOUR SPACE WHEN YOU DEPART FROM THE GARAGE SALE.

Can I donate items to Civitan?

We don’t accept vehicles at this time. We can accept certain small items in good conditions. We do not accept large items (furniture, for instance) since we have no place to store them.